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Wedding Destinations In Mauritius

Wedding Destinations In Mauritius

Submitted by • February 25, 2014

Regarded as the ‘Star of the Indian Ocean,’ Mauritius is a spectacular island of snow-colored beaches, lush verdant mountains, glittering waters and sprawling sugarcane fields. Decorating the Indian Ocean, on the South East Coast of Africa, the island is the blessed daughter of Mother Nature.

Denoted as the most romantic, magical, passionate and memorable island, Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs and natural lagoons. It is a great choice for couples in search of complete relaxation, utmost serenity and personal intimacy.

How can you forget the lovely sun-kissed beaches that are at your disposal, clear turquoise water and beautiful coral reefs? The magical experience of wedding in Mauritius is an experience that will be engraved in your mind forever.

Although Mauritius is known as the epitome of romance, the adventure quotient is high on the island. You and your guest can enjoy a variety of water-sport activities, safari adventure, hiking trips or the Big Game Fishing. The islan

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