10 Signs Your Fuel Pump Is Dying (Don’t Ignore These!)

Is your car sputtering, stalling, or losing power? Learn the top 10 warning signs of a failing fuel pump and save yourself from a breakdown.

A failing fuel pump can turn your reliable ride into a ticking time bomb. Don’t ignore the warning signs! Let’s dive into the top 10 symptoms of a fuel pump on its last legs, so you can take action before it leaves you stranded.

10 Signs Your Fuel Pump Is About to Fail
Engine Sputters & Hesitates: Like it’s choking when you accelerate.
Hard to Start: Needs extra cranks, especially after sitting a while.
Stalls at High Speeds: Scary and dangerous when the fuel supply cuts out.
Loses Power on Hills or Towing: Struggles when the engine needs extra fuel.
Surging Power: Lurches forward unexpectedly as fuel pressure fluctuates.
Whining from the Fuel Tank: Means the pump is overworked and wearing out.
Terrible Gas Mileage: The pump may be running but not delivering fuel efficiently.
Check Engine Light: Could be a fuel system code, get it checked!
Gasoline Smell: Indicates a possible leak – a serious safety issue.
Engine Misfires: Rough running due to inconsistent fuel delivery.