4 Self Care Ideas in Ayurveda For Optimal Health

When it comes to self-care, we compromise with other things in life and forget about ourselves. But who will take care of ourselves if we are not willing to do it?

Self-care is the first thing we neglect in our daily routine. For many of us, the common excuses –"I don't have time," "I have too much stress," or "I have other priorities." Sad thing we don't count ourselves as a priority!

You only have one life and the opportunity to treat it right and love yourself. Let's start with taking care of ourselves.

Why choose the Ayurveda approach to Self Care?
Ayurveda does not ask for fancy changes in your life or diet. Ayurveda taught us the simplest way of life one can ever live and food which are easily available and 100% natural.

Ayurveda suggests 3 things for self-care; Balance Agni (digestive fire), Remove Ama (toxins), and Increase Ojas (vital energy or immunity).

To have regular digestion is to have your Agni in balance. Having a bowel movement at the same time each day is considered regular digestion. The more powerful your Agni is, the better your health typically is. According to Ayurveda, everything depends upon what you eat and your way of life.

Ama, or toxins, removal is the next step. Poisons are the tendencies, food, or technology circles we could hinder ourselves. Ama is the sludge that prevents us from properly digesting food and possibly life experiences.

How can we increase our energy so that it lasts throughout the day? Eating healthy foods, taking time to rest, meditate, move your body, laugh, get enough sleep, spend time in nature, and give your mind time to rest and digest. Oja formation is said to take 27 to 30 days. Therefore, expecting a quick fix from this is no use, your body needs time to cope up with new habits.

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