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5 Ways the Community Can Help Local Businesses

5 Ways the Community Can Help Local Businesses

Submitted by • June 5, 2020

Local businesses are hurting with the effects of the Covid pandemic, especially the ones which depend on foot traffic like malls, restaurants, beauty salons, etc. Although foot traffic alone is not the only way to drive sales, repeat customers who like the barbershop in town, for example, cannot get their hair or beard professionally trimmed. Some restaurants have been able to sustain themselves with food Curbside pickup and deliveries, but how about the ones that can’t afford to keep doing business that way for months in? Major retailers generally have cash reserves, but chances are, the small papa shop down the street does not; this is how it usually is. Small local businesses usually do not have cash reserves to sustain themselves for many months closed or only getting 50% or less of their sales in. So, unfortunately, when driving by or walking around in the nice weather, we may see many favorite small places closing their doors permanently if they haven’t already done so.

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