Are Mothers Cookies Discontinued?

Do you want to know what happened to Mother’s Cookies? A lot of people miss those sweets. Don’t worry; we know what you need to know. The answer to your question is: Are Mothers Cookies Discontinued?

The important question is: Are Mothers Cookies Discontinued? They last went in and haven’t been in late 2023, which is a shame. That’s sad, especially for those who have loved their tasty cookies for a long time.

Mom’s Cookies is still open, so don’t worry. No, the Ferrero Group bought it. It’s an Italian company that makes tasty snacks. Now that they own it, there is a chance for them to make a comeback.

You might be asking yourself, “Are Mothers Cookies Discontinued?” Why did this change happen?” So, stay tuned because we’re about to talk about what happened with Mother’s Cookies and what might happen next.