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Embark on a spiritual excursion from Prayagraj to Ayodhya with GO SAFE CABS, your trusted travel agency based in Allahabad. Our dedicated taxi service ensures a seamless and comfortable pilgrimage... Read More

Vehicle Type 12hrs120km Airport pikup&Drop Outstation Wegnor or similar 1850/- 900/- 10/km Dizair or similar 2200/- 1100/- 11/km Ertiga or similar 2600/- 1800/- 13/km Innova 3000/- 2000/- 15/km Innova Crista 3600/- 2500/- 18/km Traveller 17siter 6000/- 3500/- 24/km Traveller 20siter 7000/- 4000/- 28/kmtaxi faircab pricecar rental price... Read More

Prayagraj, the city where spirituality and culture blend seamlessly, holds a treasure trove of beauty and experiences waiting to be discovered. While Prayagraj is known for its iconic attractions, such... Read More