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Bell’s palsy may be defined as an acute, unilateral, idiopathic, facial nerve paralysis. It occurs when facial nerve is inflamed, swollen or compressed in the facial bony canal, resulting in... Read More

t should be noted that as a general rule 5-HT receptor agonists are used in the acute treatment of migraine whilst 5-HT receptor antagonists are used in prophylaxis. NICE (National... Read More

Migraine is the second most common cause of headache and most common headache-related cause of disability in the world. It results from altered modulation of normal sensory stimuli and trigeminal... Read More

Restless Legs syndrome (RLS) is a syndrome of spontaneous, continuous lower limb movements that may be associated with paraesthesia. Restless Legs syndrome is extremely common, affecting between 2-10% of the... Read More