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ongkui Riot Helmets, crafted with high-strength ABS molded shells, provide effective head, face, and neck protection against most non-ballistic threats such as sticks, rocks and chemicals, etc. It can ensure... Read More

In situations involving substantial crowds and potential danger, law enforcement requires an affordable, lightweight solution for self-protection. Riot shields emerge as a vital tool, serving as a crucial physical barrier between... Read More

 Ultra lightweight and discreet profile Waterproof and moisture-proof ,etc. Breathable cool mesh fabric inside Adjustable Straps Out carrier: Polyester, Cotton or Nylon Bulletproof plate can be inserted Bulletproof vest is a protective equipment used to prevent... Read More

Longkui is China's leading protective materials, bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets and other bulletproof products supplier, manufacturer and factory. The delivery of all products is strictly carried out in accordance with... Read More