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COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund Kolkata

The We Foundation's Rapid Response Team, in close coordination with the Government and local police in India, is working to manage the Covid Relief Fund so that we can ensure... Read More

Best Sanitation & Hygiene in Kolkata

The We Foundation aims at increasing community resilience in decision-making and problem-solving on issues around water and sanitation in rural and urban areas in the country. Your small contribution can... Read More

Best Sustainable enterprise NGO in Kolkata

The We Foundation one of the best sustainable enterprise NGO in Kolkata, that are works for women to empower them and develop their skills. we are always trying to reach... Read More

Best Indian art and cultural exchange in Kolkata

The We Foundation is a non-profit organization working tirelessly to foster Indian art and cultural exchange in Kolkata, or to raise awareness of the rich Indian culture and international culture. Your... Read More

Trusted COVID Relief NGO in West Bengal

Our rapid response team is working closely with the government and local police to help COVID-infected poor families in West Bengal to ensure social distance in places where we provide... Read More