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BSc in Biotechnology is a 3year undergraduate program that deals with the application of biology and different techniques to modify products so that they can be used for human needs.... Read More

BSc Biotechnology course is based on biological science and engineering technologies. Future in BSc Biotechnology is quite good if you have started with a renowned university. The future scopes for... Read More

Journalism and Mass Communication courses at Shoolini University aimed at providing holistic knowledge at the theoretical as well as the practical level to the students. The focus of the journalism... Read More

Approved by the University Grants Commission, Shoolini is a top-ranked private Himachal Pardesh University where students have filed more than 400 patents so far. Shoolini ranked 101-150 All-India according to... Read More

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics at Shoolini University is a 3-year undergraduate course. This field focuses on the scientific understanding of nutrition and Dietetics and its practical application in the field... Read More

BBA Aviation is a 3-year UG Program. BBA in Aviation will be an exciting and fulfilling career for anyone who aspires to explore the world, communicate with people and... Read More

BBA in Aviation is a 3-year undergraduate Program. BBA in Aviation and Management at Shoolini University primarily focuses on fundamentals of Aviation, airlines, and every aspect of the aviation industry.... Read More

Shoolini University is a top research-driven Best Himachal Pradesh University for MBA, Engineering, Bioengineering, Yoga, Journalism, Law and Hotel Management. University offers 150+ courses. Find out about the Shoolini University... Read More

Shoolini University offers BSc in Yoga in Ancient Indian Wisdom. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Yoga is a 3 year Undergraduate program. Career options for yoga professionals including the following:... Read More

BSc Hons Agriculture is a 4 year degree course in the field of agriculture and its applications Shoolini University offers BSc in Hons Agriculture course with a special focus on scientific... Read More