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Survival Supplies Australia offers a diverse range of premium axes for outdoor enthusiasts. From camping and survival to hunting and woodcutting, our handcrafted German and American brands are designed for... Read More

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Compass, Navigation and Wayfinding

Survival Supplies Australia offers a top-notch selection of high-quality way finding tools for camping and hiking, including magnetic hiking compasses. Trusted by Australian rangers, our compasses provide reliable navigation through... Read More

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Explore the versatility of the SSA Linerlock Folding Pocket Knife, featuring a 75mm Stainless Steel blade and a striking Red Anodised Aluminium handle. Weighing a mere 83g, this EDC (Everyday... Read More

Clear the Path: Premium Australian Machetes Every adventure depends on being well rested and having a peaceful sleep, assuring you are ready to hit the trail as soon as day breaks!... Read More

Living in a bushfire-prone area demands proactive preparedness. Our selection of Bushfire Emergency Kits ensures you're equipped for the unexpected. From customizing your own kit with fire protection essentials to... Read More

Fuel Your Adventures with Radix Freeze-Dried Meals

Elevate your outdoor experiences with Radix Nutrition's freeze-dried meals. Scientifically crafted for optimal nutrition, Radix Meals are packed with essential macronutrients to support your mental and physical well-being during activities... Read More

Survival Supplies Australia offers a diverse range of high-quality saws for various tasks. From compact folding saws for portability to robust bucksaws for heavy-duty cutting, our selection includes Silky Hand... Read More