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What are the best Ear Plugs for Swimmers?

If you are like most who begin to protect your ears, you understand that generic, roll up and jam in earplugs do not work.

There's a reason that you need earplugs, and that's to keep out the water, and it's no joke.

Protecting your ears is not something you cross your fingers and toes and hope they work.

Most ear doctors (audiologists) understand the problem is caused by water, but they don't know all the solutions out there to treat or prevent this issue. They are not prevention practicing doctors; they usually only treat after the issue.

They are only practicing medicine; anyways, they are not scientists on prevention.

We have an entire group of scientists that create products that make your life better.

We have a simple earplug that is made on site at events to complex surfing earplugs with a diaphragm that flexes to all the squeeze of pressure not to move the earplug but to move the diaphragm in and out, and you descend and ascend if you get slammed in a wave or free dive.

We have a water polo earplugs as well to keep the water out, not the sound.

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