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Submitted by • August 8, 2019


German Language

Erudite Academy aims to provide optimal and credible overseas opportunities in academics as well as career through German language as an added advantage. Erudite Academy strives to provide the best academic and career opportunities by making German language an asset for you. At Erudite Academy, we offer intensive courses for learning German from A1 to B2 Level for both, academic and corporate purposes. Depending on your language level, you will be guided to the corresponding class. We provide a systematic course structure that is easy to understand and for practical usage. We have small batches which enable us to give one on one attention. We have convenient timings to suit your requirements. Our features are as
1. Visual and Audio Aid.
2. Study materiel designed by Goethe Institute.
3. Full fledged library.
4. Highly Qualified and Certified faculty.
5. Fle

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