Best Tips to save money on food

Are you a food lover, and you want to save money on food, especially if you have a lot of mouths to feed. Here are some working tips you can follow to save money on your next Food.

Americans spend $5,174 an average a year, or roughly $431 a month, on Food, according to the latest spending report data available from location intelligence firm Esri.

How to save money on Food
Pay with a reward card
Register for the cashback Program
Use discount Coupons
Join wholesale market
Buy those items that are on sale
Compare prices between different stores
Use your own bag
Use a rebate app
Register for the cashback Program:
Many stores offer a cashback program like stores offering the purchase of $80 and getting 20% cashback. This is also a very helpful tip for saving money.

Use discount Coupons
Discount coupons are also helpful in saving money on food. Many stores like aliexpress give coupons to save money while you purchase anything and apply coupons on it to take discounts from it.

Join Wholesale Market
The wholesale market offer items at less price compare to ordinary stores, when you purchase anything from the wholesale market you get a lot of discount as compared to ordinary store that gives items at a high price.

Buy those Items That are on Sale
Some stores offer discounts on foods, you can buy this food to save money from these offers. These stores help you to buy more foods in less amount.