Boult Z40 Pro Review With Pros And Cons

The Boult Audio Z40 Pro Midnight color case is made from a combination of plastic and high-quality rubber, providing a rich tactile sensation. The rubber coating is scratch-resistant, ensuring durability and peace of mind against ordinary wear. The bold Boult Audio branding sticks out in the front middle of the case, and an LED flashlight beneath the opening door provides an intuitive indication of charging status and other operational characteristics. Conveniently, a USB Type-C connector on the case's bottom offers fast charging, increasing utility.

The Midnight color model features contrasting black rubber and orange plastic elements that produce a visually pleasing look. The earbuds are lightweight and tiny, with excellent plastic construction for long-term comfort. Each bud has touch controls for power management, music playback, and activating voice assistants, as described in the user handbook. Additionally, LED indicators on the buds display information such as call status and battery capacity.

The kit contains a variety of ear tip sizes for a personalized fit that improves comfort and sound quality. Overall, the Boult Audio Z40 Pro receives a commendable 4.2-star rating for its strong design and build quality, making it an appealing option for anyone looking for dependable wireless earbuds with a premium feel.