broiler breeder pan feeding system dealers in india

What is the most effective feeding system for broiler producers among the numerous types of systems today? Some names – Chain, Oval Pan, Round Pan, Manual Tubular, Agar Kund, Spin Feeder, and Manual Kund.
The question should not really be which system is more effective, but which system can work more effectively in a particular operation. Most of these systems are able to achieve the desired results if managed properly, and often integrators aim to install the latest technology to enhance performance when the simplest technology is properly effective.
Increasing efficiency
Of course, some systems require more labor than others, and this is when the business decides to choose a diet system that enhances efficiency while achieving the desired results.
There is no fully automatic feeding system. There are systems that can be programmed to operate in a specific way, but they still require human supervision to operate effectively. There is no such thing as ‘auto pilot’ in hens. As managers, we assume that things should be as they are, without actually verifying how our programs are being run in the chicken coop.

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