Co working Office Spaces in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Successfully Opens a Coworking Spaces

A case study of creative workshare space

The modern workplace is changing constantly, with remote workers, small teams, and entrepreneurs shaping the future of work and collaboration. The coworking space enhances the future by encouraging comfort, convenience, community, and connections in the workplace. There are currently 20 locations of this type of workspace being operated by Coworking, and five more will open by the end of 2018.

Coworking Spaces: Keys to Success
Creating an environment where great people (and their ideas) can interact and work requires a lot of coordination and trust. Our Coworking team needs to work together when securing, staffing, and operating their new coworking space- all while moving quickly.
Take Your Projects to The Next Level with Coworking
Almost all companies must move quickly to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their ambitious goals, but for our Coworking, speed is particularly important to their bottom line. We have leased some spaces only for two to three years, so we must begin generating income as soon as possible.
The Onboarding and Empowerment of Employees in Every Office
A space is opened, however, the pace does not slow. One employee works at each location, so there are countless tasks to ensure that everything from IT needs to community engagement are handled properly. Bangladesh's Coworking also strives to prepare employees for any situation and to empower them to take responsibility for the betterment of the workspace-achievements we help them to achieve.
Keep Track of Your Top Goals
It is easy to lose sight of bigger goals while focusing on the day-to-day details at any given workplace where new problems are constantly arising. This can lead to Morning managers feeling disengaged if they aren't seeing how their work impacts the bigger picture, or even losing the comfort and consistency that Co working is known for.