Do This While Lying In Bed – BURNS FAT🔥Body Weight Workout!

This workout video is the perfect solution for those looking to burn fat and get in shape from the comfort of their own bed. The body weight exercises featured in the video are designed to target multiple muscle groups, helping to increase overall strength and tone.

The best part is, no equipment is needed- you'll use only your body weight to get an effective workout in. Perfect for any fitness level, this easy-to-follow workout routine is efficient, and convenient, and will help you achieve a leaner physique.

Whether you're short on time or just looking for an alternative workout, this video will guide you through a challenging and effective workout routine that you can do while lying in bed. @fitbodyworkout 5 Bed Exercises to Flat Belly in 7 Days.

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00:00 Do This While Lying In Bed (BURNS FAT)🔥Body Weight Workout!
00:12 Lying Air Cycles
01:08 Alternate Heel Touchers
02:05 Cocoons
03:01 Alternating Superman
03:58 Superman Row with Towel
04:54 Flutter Kicks
05:50 Side Bridge with Bent Leg R
06:46 Side Bridge with Bent Leg L
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