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Don’t Be Just Handful, Be Helpful | Non Profit Organization In Pakistan

Don’t Be Just Handful, Be Helpful | Non Profit Organization In Pakistan

Submitted by • March 12, 2020

A human do hard work and get many success in life, earn so much money and also respect, bring happiness for his family and be happy in his life, and make a secure and good life so he can buy or avail all things of the world could not face any problem or difficulty in his life but the comes in my mind, what is the real purpose of our life? Are we here just for living and spending time in this world? Just for completing our desires? If we ask our heart, will our heart say that this is our real purpose of life?
In fact, the purpose of a person's life cannot be simply this. No, no, our life's purpose cannot be just to live. Can a human being be happy only for his own sake?

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