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Intelligencemarketreport.com Publish a New Market Research Report on “Shrimp Feed – Global Market Report 2021-2027”.
Shrimp Feed is given to farmed shrimps to meet their nutritional requirements. The global Shrimp Feed market is being driven by the rising consumption of seafood which includes shrimp because of various health benefits including brain health and heart health improvement. According to Statista, average annual per capita consumption of seafood globally has increased from 19.9 kgs in 2014 to 20.5 kgs in 2019. Another important driving factor for the market growth is the rise in Shrimp production around the world. According to the aquaculturealliance.org, the production of shrimps in Ecuador increased from 500’000 tons in 2018 to 650’000 tons in 2020. Also, according to World Wildlife, farmed shrimp estimates for 55% of the shrimp produced globally. Furthermore, protecting shrimps from diseases and growing nutritional content in them, growing demand for aquaculture feed, rise in per capita income and favorable government initiatives to promote aquaculture farming will provide new opportunities for the global Shrimp Feed industry. However, high cholesterol content and growing adoption of vegan food may impede market growth over the forecast period of 2021-2027.

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