Fuel Pump Won’t Prime? 5 Troubleshooting Causes and Solutions

Is your car not starting and you can’t hear the fuel pump prime? Discover the reasons why and learn step-by-step troubleshooting.

Fuel Pump Won’t Prime? Here’s Why and How to Fix It
A fuel pump that won’t prime is a frustrating problem. When you turn the key, you normally hear a brief humming or whirring sound – that’s the pump pressurizing the fuel system. If it’s silent, your car’s likely not going to start. Let’s troubleshoot!

Why Won’t My Fuel Pump Prime?
Bad Fuel Pump Relay: The relay controls power to the pump. A faulty one cuts the power supply.
Blown Fuse: A blown fuel pump fuse is a common culprit (check your owner’s manual).
Failed Fuel Pump: Pumps do wear out over time. Internal failure can prevent them from running.
Electrical Issues: Damaged wiring, bad connections, or a poor ground can disrupt the circuit.
Immobilizer System: Some cars won’t allow the pump to prime if the immobilizer isn’t recognizing your key.