Fuel Tank Explained: Fuel Pump, Sending Unit, & Troubleshooting

Understand what’s inside your fuel tank and how it keeps your car running. Learn to spot fuel pump and sending unit issues with our troubleshooting guide.

Your car’s fuel tank isn’t just a container – it houses a system that gets fuel to your engine. Let’s dive into the main components inside your fuel tank, their roles, and how to spot signs of trouble.

The Fuel Pump: Your Engine’s Heartbeat
Its Purpose: The fuel pump is what pushes fuel from the tank to your engine under the right pressure.
How it Works: Usually electric and inside the tank, it turns on when you start the car.
Signs of Trouble: Hard starting, power loss, whining noises.
The Sending Unit: Your Tank’s “Eyes”
Measures Fuel Level: It tells your fuel gauge how much gas you have left.
Simple Mechanics: Often uses a float and sensor to measure the fuel’s depth.
When It’s Faulty: Your fuel gauge may read inaccurately (stuck on full or empty).