Getting Big Jobs Done With A 100 Ton Overhead Crane

A 100 ton overhead crane is an excellent component of machinery for obtaining big jobs done. It features a much heavier lifting capacity than small overhead crane models, just like a 5 ton mini overhead crane, while still remaining relatively affordable for many businesses. When shopping for almost any crane the highest lifting capacity is obviously one of the more important features as you would like a device capable of lifting the load of your heaviest loads.

For lift capacities exceeding 100 tons, double girder crane designs or European hook traveling crane designs are often adopted. It is because you will find a limit to the stability of your single-arm overhead crane for exceptionally heavy loads, like ships, buildings, etc. A double grinder hook crane can lift up to 450 tons into a height of 18 meters. The key parameters to consider when comparing 100 ton overhead cranes from different manufacturers include rated load, lifting height, working-class, span length, traveling speed, source of energy requirements, and working temperature.

100 Ton Overhead Traveling Crane

An overhead traveling crane has a variety of industrial applications both in indoor and outdoor environments. It is actually utilized in mining enterprises, railway construction, shipbuilding, the logistics industry, the steel industry, along with the chemical industry. Overhead traveling cranes are a vital device for most modern industrial manufacturing processes.

High-quality overhead cranes from top-rated manufacturers can operate in all types of environments, including those with extremely high or extremely low temperatures. Also, they are created for maximum energy efficiency and safety standards. Moreover, they are engineered to perform for too long stretches of time without overheating or malfunctioning, so that they are good for high-intensity production environments.

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