Handmade Indian Potli Bag With Dabka Work

ITEM – Handmade Indian Potli Bag With Famous Dabka Work, Rustic Gold Evening Purse, Wristlet Drawstring Bag Perfect For Weddings And Parties

The potli bag holds a significant place in the cultural heritage of ancient Bhopal, linking back to early tribal traditions that crafted ornaments from various materials. Initially recognized by the Begums (Female Rulers), who added a Persian touch, the craft has evolved into an integral aspect of Nawabi Culture. Today, the beaded potli bags / drawstring bags are part of the rich cultural heritage of the city which survives due to the devotion of a few senior artisans.

**Spacious Drawstring Bag:** 6 inches * 7 inches (L * B). These potli bags comes with an interior zipper pocket to keep credit cards. Can accommodate cellphones (up-to 6.5 inches), other small accessories like car key, cosmetics, etc.

**Closure:** This drawstring bag has drawstring closure.

**The creation process of potli bags involves sketching the pattern on butter paper, then transferring it to rectangular cloth on a frame called ‘adda’.