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How do I Outsource Software Development | Prescient Technologies

How do I Outsource Software Development | Prescient Technologies

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We at Prescient Technologies are an Engineering Software company working in software development since 2000. Outsourcing software design and development has become a global trend in today’s fast-paced market. The market size of IT outsourcing software development has been estimated to be worth $66.52 billion in 2019. 59% of companies have resorted to outsource software development as a means of cutting expenses.
Approximately half of the companies based in the United States have resorted to software outsourcing practice at least once. In the dynamic technology market, the local talent pool often seems to hit the roof as the race for churning the best of technology keeps pacing up. Thus, companies often have to reach out and look for global talent across the world. As a software development project takes a considerable amount of time and money, an organization often falls short of the required time, manpower & money. This is where assistance from an experienced professional or a dedica

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