How to fix “We’re sorry, but Microsoft Outlook has run into an error”?

I was trying to open my Microsoft Outlook application for the last couple of days. But I was getting an error message “We’re sorry, but Outlook has run into an error” that is preventing it from working correctly. Outlook will need to be closed as a result. Microsoft Outlook product has a nice feature that it provides a solution in the form of a tool. “Would you like us to repair now?” option with Repair Now, Help and close opportunities.

But when I implemented the Repair now fix, it doesn’t appear to do anything. The message is in a loop mode and comes back again. Did you also get the same problem “We’re sorry, but Outlook has run into an error“, and the repair tool did not work? What do you do? You research more Outlook forums that will waste your valuable time. There are several solutions for this kind of problem.