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Hr Consultants In Bangalore

Hr Consultants In Bangalore

Submitted by • May 23, 2019

2019 Strategic Interview Tips

It has been said before that hiring has no exact formula or guidebook. It is an art form, and unfortunately it can be subjective. Managers are more likely to hire a candidate who possesses the same attributes or mannerisms of themselves. This is called the similar-to-me-bias, and it could cause the interviewer to hr consultants in bangalore choose a less suitable candidate. The similar-to-me bias is something that is often done subconsciously rather than intentionally.
Monkey see, monkey do- also known as “mirroring”
The HR manager speaks quietly and slowly. You speak quietly and slowly. The HR manager puts one hand close to her mouth while she speaks. You put one hand close to your mouth while you speak. You get the point.
Mirroring can create a rapport with whomever you are imitating. This can subconsciously build trust and help a person feel more connected to you. It is all about finding that commonality.

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