I am talking about “THE LIFE OF TEENAGER"

See There are three phases in our life, you know that right! First is when we are in child period When we remain happy in our own separate world, unaware of everything. There is no work and no tension in our life and we spend more time with our parents, everything is so good at that time.

Second phase when we become 13-19 years old it means teenagers, hope you feel and understand this phase right! Between 13-19 we all understand all the things which are important in our life. We start facing every problem which helps us in becoming stronger.

I am talking about “THE LIFE OF TEENAGER

At that time we started getting attracted towards many bad things, we started trusting others more than our parents, Example is our friends or Boyfriend. Whatever they say seems right to us, but it is not our fault this period is like that. In that period sometimes we feel as if we have all the happiness in the world, but sometimes we feel that all the problems of the world are only in our life.