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Interior Design Course In Delhi

Interior Design Course In Delhi

Submitted by • June 14, 2013

‘Vastushastra’ or Vastu is a ‘science of construction’ laid down four to five thousand years ago. It is an ancient doctrine based purely on the effect of sunrays during different times of the day. Vastu was used in construction of temples and buildings since ancient time period. Now days, it is widely accepted not only in India but around the globe. The word ‘Vastu’ means dwelling and is believed to be the residing place for god and living beings. Vastu can be linked to all the buildings like residences, industries, businesses, schools, colleges, temples, lodges, hotels etc.

Vastu is gaining lot of popularity these days. With so many new residential and commercial complexes coming up, vastu consultants are also in huge demand. We can now see lot of institutes conducting vastu classes. These vastu classes use modern technology like computers, internet, projectors etc.

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