Is Kolkata better than Delhi for education

Kolkata, or Calcutta, is still known to numerous around the globe, is the social and instructive capital of West Bengal as well as whole East India. Being the third most well known metropolitan city of India, Kolkata pulls in an enormous number of students from all over the nation and abroad towards its reformist training institutions. We won’t deny the fact that Delhi is prevalent in the fields of business and trade, however, it isn’t similar with regards to education.

A survey carried out as of late by Wipro in connection with an educational research association shows that Kolkata is head and shoulders above Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore in academic quality. A sum of 16 top schools from every city was considered for the study that comprised of tests and viva-voce on Mathematics, English and Science.

Although the names of the city schools considered for the review were not unveiled, the assessors uncovered that of the 16 top schools, 64% are associated to ICSE, 7% to CBSE and 29% toward the West Bengal board. Two of India’s most established engineering institutions are situated in Kolkata known as Bengal Engineering and Science University and Jadavpur University. Kolkata has twenty state-funded colleges or self-governing establishments that grant their degrees or certificates.

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