IT Security – SIEM, EDR, and prtotection against cyber attacks

You will get Information about the IT Technology used currently and solutions for the most Linux and windows problems. Topics are: IT Security – SIEM – EDR
SOC Analytics Tutorial:
SOC Analyse: Detecting Suspicious outbound Traffic (Proxy Log Analysis)
SOC Analyse: Phishing and Email Attacks Types
SOC Analyse: Phishing URL Analyzing using, brightcloud and Browsling
SOC Analyse: Analyzing malicious email attachment using anyrun sandbox
SOC Analyse: Email Header Analysis, and Explain the SPF & DKIM
SOC Analyse: Microsoft Events Log Analysis: Windows Logon And Logoff Events Analyse
SOC Analyse: Microsoft Events Log Analysis: Object Creation, Scheduled tasks and Process Creation
SOC Analyse: Microsoft Events Log Analysis: Windows Account and Group Management Events
SOC Analyse: Firewall logs Analysis
SOC Analyse: Network Attacks: DDOS and DOS Attacks Detection and Prevention
SOC Analyse: IP and Port Scanning attacks detection and prevention
SOC Analyse: WAF Logs understanding and attacks detection (Web Application Firewall)
SOC Analyse: Remote Logins From Different Countries
SOC Investigation: IPS/IDS Alerts Investigation