Kripalu maharaj | Prem mandir Building and reviews

Prem Mandir Is A Beautiful Temple Located In Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Built By Kripalu Maharaj, This Magnificent Structure Is An Ode To The True Devotion And Love Of God. Experience Its Spiritual Vibes And Explore Its The Entire Temple Is Built In 54 Acres And Its Height Is 125 Feet, Length Is 122 Feet And Width Is 115 Feet. [3]In This, Fountains, Beautiful Tableaux Of Radha-Krishna, Shri Govardhan Leela, Kalia Nag Daman Leela, Jhulan Leela Are Decorated Between The Gardens.Prem mandir reviews are very good people liked and visit daily this temple in Thousand. This Temple Embodies Divine Love Through Architecture. The Doors Open In All Directions For The Temple Open To People Of All Castes, Castes, Countries. There Are Carved Pylons Of Eight Peacocks At The Main Entrances And Radha-Krishna Pastimes Are Sculpted On The Outer Walls Of The Entire Temple. Similarly, Various Tableaux Of Radhakrishna And Kripaluji Maharaj Have Also Been Marked On The Inner Walls Of The Temple. There Are A Total Of 94 Pillars In The Temple Which Are Decorated With Various Pastimes Of Radha-Krishna.