Metaverse Trade and it's future

Hollywood has always imagined the technologies humanity needs. Jake Sully, the protagonist in the movie Avatar, who uses a wheelchair in the avatar of James Cameron, goes to work to save a distant planet via a radio connection to a distant object.

He interacts with others, learns new skills, even gets married – all while his “real” body lies on a board, miles away.

It is correct to say that many of the elements of this scenario are no longer purely science fiction, as companies today are producing and selling robots that allow users to move through the remote work environment and interact via a computer screen, which is what was called “metaverse,” meaning a world Beyond the Internet. These systems have self-developing functions deep and unlimited learning behaviour. However, the context of their uses is still in the context of high-value problems, involving commissioned experts, for example, to allow clinicians to diagnose stroke patients remotely, Because smaller hospitals often cannot afford a neurologist on staff.