Not Letting Anxiety and Anger Overpower in Caregiving by Eleanor Gaccetta

One reality about life that you should work on is not becoming blinded by your own emotions of anger and anxiety. You inevitably let them control your decisions in life, big and small. However, no matter how often these emotions of anger and anxiety might seem to happen, you still need to be able to control them. If not decisions in life will be skewed. Why can this happen to you? It is because if you are making decisions in life, and there are factors that affect it. It can be because of the complexity of the situation you are in. This factor can be very overwhelming. The complicated situation that you feel can direct you to have an emotional reaction which you might regret in the future. Emotions can be fleeting, and that’s one thing in life you have to deal with. When it comes to working, people would suggest having a strong foundation of not letting your emotions kick in because when they do, they can significantly affect you, especially with a job that entails responsibility with other people. Caregiving is not an exception.

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