Pregnancy and travelling, is it safe to travel in pregnancy

Lot of people plan for travel during pregnancy. Travel during pregnancy brings in their own concerns and anxieties. Is it safe to travel? How should I travel? Any precautions to take
so being pregnant? Does not mean that you have to be stuck up at home whether you're planning a business trip or taking a vacation.

There are ways you can stay safe and healthy when traveling during pregnancy.
So is traveling safe in pregnancy?

yes it is.

If you have a healthy pregnancy it is usually safe to travel but always talk to your doctor before planning any trip.
When is it not safe to travel during pregnancy?

So certain health conditions may not be safe or need special care during travel.
So make sure that you talk to your doctor before you plan a travel.

1. if there is any history of previous miscarriages in the previous pregnancies history of recent bleeding in this pregnancy.

2. If your doctor has told you that you have a low-lying placenta.

3. if you have history of premature labors in the previous pregnancies or a premature or labor in this pregnancy.

4. in case you have a history of leaking which means that your water bag leaked sometime
back in this pregnancy and now it has stopped.