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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES | Investment In Property | Brickfolio Pvt. Ltd.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES | Investment In Property | Brickfolio Pvt. Ltd.

Submitted by • January 20, 2020


Now you do not have to worry about wear and tear. Our property management services include regular maintenance and repairs, which eventually translates into significant saving over time, and consistent increase in the value of the property.


No more stress about finding a good tenant, paperwork, liasoning and accounting. We bring you the right tenants, take care of all the legal work associated with renting, co-ordinate with MSEB, PMC and the society, and make sure that you get your rent on time.

We manage some of the most desirable properties in Pune. Our team caters to the needs of the tenants, and addresses any grievance at the earliest, which implies easier living and zero friction between the tenant and the owner.

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