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QAS Group Call Answering

QAS Group Call Answering

Submitted by • February 1, 2020

QAS Group Call Answering
If you are running a huge or medium-size business in your area and with all other working schedules of business all the call of customers is directed to Call Answering Business Center where someone else will answer your customers call and then diverted to a phone of your choice with access to a 24-hour voicemail service available.

Great Prices for Best Call Answering Service
Your incoming customer calls will be answered by our expert team of professional’s receptionists. Your customers will think that they are sitting next to you in the office. Going virtual will make good financial sense in call answering business.

Flexible Features and Flat Rate Live Answering Center
Our Call Answering service is very flexible and our system is user-friendly to operate. It is entirely up to you that you send us all the calls to answer or just send us work overflow. Once your incoming customer calls are answered we will send you text detail or email about the call details.

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