Safety Harness: FAQs by Shabbir Enterprises

1. Do full body harnesses expire?
Technically, no, but it’s not advisable to use a safety harness indefinitely. Consult your manufacturer for recommended lifespan, as they understand the durability of the materials used.

2. At what height do you have to wear a harness?
OSHA specifies different heights for various industries. Typically, any work above 6 feet necessitates fall protection equipment. Trigger heights for specific industries include:
– Construction: 6 ft.
– General Industry: 4 ft.
– Long-shoring: 8 ft.
– Shipyards: 5 ft.
– Scaffolding: 10 ft.

3. What happens if you hang in a harness too long?
Prolonged suspension in an upright position can lead to suspension trauma or orthostatic intolerance, inhibiting blood flow to the brain and resulting in dizziness, nausea, sweating, headaches, weakness, unconsciousness, and potentially death. You can add trauma relief straps to prevent loss of circulation.