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Summary Of Feed Machinery Selection Considerations And Installation Points

Summary Of Feed Machinery Selection Considerations And Installation Points

Submitted by • June 14, 2019

Summary of feed machinery selection considerations and installation points
In actual production, whether the feed machinery can maintain a good operating state will be directly related to the quality of feed production, the output and the comprehensive cost of feed production. It also affects the inherent quality of the feed and the feeding effect of the animal. For the installation and purchase of feed machinery, we can refer to the following suggestions:
First, in the process of selecting the feed machinery, it is necessary to consider the influence of various factors on different processing machines. For example, when selecting a pulverizer, factors such as production demand, particle size of raw materials, moisture, friability of raw materials, hygroscopicity of raw materials, and sensitivity of raw materials to temperature should be considered. At the same time, we must also consider the requirements of the subsequent process on the crushing size. As a user, reasonable selection h

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