Susthesurfer surfer hair styles
What is a hair cream?
Hair cream, also known as a styling cream, it basically adds a subtle and natural-looking shine to your hair. It gives a low to medium hold to your hair but doesn’t add weight to it. Simply putting hair cream banishes frizz to your hairs without the greasiness effect. So, it is good for day to day usage for styling your hairs.

What’s the difference between hair cream and pomade (hair cream vs pomade)?
Hair creams do not have solid-like wax or sticky gel, they are creams that works for all hair types. Hair cream is especially a boon for curly and long unmanageable hairs. Applying hair cream boost the curls or surfer hair without weighing them down.

However, high maintenance and party wear styles like spikes, mohawks, and pompadours are not possible with hair creams. That requires a more sticky wax kind of a thing found in pomades.

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