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AI is helping us achieve the SDGs: 3 Pathbreaking Developments.

Seven years ago, world leaders convened in New York and agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address important issues such as poverty, hunger, inequality, climate change, and health.... Read More

Unlimited possibilities of voice AI!

Real-Time is the real deal here! Agents want technology that provides real-time advice during the conversation. This might be anything from a suggestion for what questions to ask to a suggestion... Read More

If you’re still unsure that anyone can help you get your due compensation for stolen work - well, Kleptofinder is your tool. Here are three reasons why you should consider... Read More

What is Explainable AI or XAI and how can it shape the future?

LinkedIn, a unit of Microsoft Corp., increased subscription revenue by 8% after equipping its sales force with artificial intelligence software that forecasts clients who are likely to cancel and explains... Read More

Summer Camp 2022 | AI School | Summer Camp Programme | School For AI

Make up for the learning loss occurred due to the COVID-19 by bringing children close to one of the most promising emerging technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students are encouraged... Read More

Writing long articles can be challenging, but with Typli.ai which uses the power of NLP to create unique content, no need to worry anymore! You can create any content you want... Read More

The evolution of mobile medical apps has the potential to reduce global healthcare costs and hospital waiting times, enhance patient convenience and compliance, and can significantly improve the overall quality of care.... Read More

OptiSol helped a Startup company in building an AI/ML-based solution approach that helps non-technical users to record sign translations of bible verses. This application allows sign language experts to login... Read More

Generative modeling is an unsupervised learning method to extract patterns in input data and produce data instances similar to the original data. 
 A generator model is matched against a discriminator... Read More

facial gesture analysis platform

We have incorporated facial recognition for identity verification inside business processes like KYC (Know Your Client) typically used in finance and personal banking.  We have incorporated facial recognition for identity verification... Read More