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Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field is intended to describe America’s longing for a more perfect union and its frustration in achieving the metaphorical level playing field where... Read More

The curriculum was self-paced and provided many of the students with the ability to graduate early, because the traditional education program did not challenge them. I use several of... Read More

A known theologian once stated, “Nothing God ever did, or ever does, or ever will do, is separate from God’s love.” Everything that God has ever done has been out... Read More

Welcome to our blog on reality quotes! Reality is a concept that has been pondered by philosophers, scientists, and artists throughout history. It’s the stuff of our everyday lives, but... Read More

Chet Shupe, an author of the book, “Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature—How Civilization Destroys Happiness,” hopes it will inspire a reawakening to one’s inborn wisdom; this is Nature’s map... Read More

See a glimpse of a Cold war story in the Agent 49 book by Gerald Brence. Agent 49 is a historical fiction story about one of the greatest crimes in... Read More

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An anthology is a literary piece collection by many authors. It can sometimes refer to the collected output of a single author, but it generally refers to a compilation presenting... Read More

MAN-DAR of Atlantis is the first book in a trilogy about the adventures of MAN-DAR. It begins in the present time with Manny Silva traveling to Central America to locate... Read More