Technology enables DRT services to increase their coverage area in rural parts of the country

Demand-responsive transport (DRT), also known as flexible transport services, is a type of shared private or quasi-public transit for groups of people in which vehicles change their routes each trip based on specific transportation demand rather than following a set route or schedule.

This is one of the most often used services that offers public transportation in regions with low passenger demand, such as rural and peri-urban areas, where regular bus service is not deemed financially viable.

This is the story of one of these counties that are providing a Rural demand responsive system. Pierce County in the Southern Georgia Region is a predominantly rural area who are providing rural DRT services to the county people.
With a population of nearly 20000, Pierce is a beautiful place to live, and it is expected to increase by 10% in the next few years.
“Increased population leads to increased demand for services” hence, Pierce Transit started to improve their services in collaboration with HBSS.
HBSS provided their QRyde software to the county transit, to streamline their online operations and scheduling, dispatching process and Call center management, etc.
Their numbers have consistently shown some positive signs over the years after their collaboration with HBSS.
According to their reports, they completed almost 12200 annual trips in 2019, which is a huge boost to their agency. From 2014-19, they have experienced some constant growth rates over the years.
Their Vehicle operating km are cut down by 26% and Operating time has also come down by 30% approx. All this has been made possible with their new technological inclusions.
Yes! QRyde with its advanced software allows the agencies to use their strong Global scheduling engine to efficiently plan and organize trips.
This helps both the parties i.e., Agencies to maximize their operations and people to enjoy the comfort being provided to their doorstep.
Now people of Pierce county can book their rides in advance

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