The Floral Decoration for Wedding

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding, but Pakistani weddings take them to a whole new level. The best wedding venues in Defence Karachi know how to use the flower setting in which arrangement. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent elements of Pakistani weddings:
Flowers are used to decorate the wedding venue. They can also be used for decoration of the stage, tables and stage backdrop, etc. Flowers are also a part of the decoration for bride's entrance as well as her bouquet. This is the least we can discuss about it however if we have a sneak peek into its uses in every wedding event then all of us will be amazed. There are numerous ways in which flowers can turn any event into a beautiful and special day.
A bouquet is traditionally a type of floral arrangement that includes flowers. It can be made from any combination of flowers and may include one, two, or three varieties of each flower species being used. The most popular types of Pakistani wedding bouquets include:
A mixed bunch (a mix between different types)
An all-white bunch with only one type of flower (like roses)
An all-white bunch with two types at least one being white (like lilies).