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The Futuristic Concept Christened Mineral (Drinking) Water Filling Counter.

The Futuristic Concept Christened Mineral (Drinking) Water Filling Counter.

Submitted by • May 27, 2019

SKF Elixer India Private Limited is the sister concern of SKF Group of Companies, based in Karnataka, India. The flagship of the group, SKF Boilers & Driers Private Limited is today the global leader in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of food grain, especially paddy, processing plants and machinery. Aroma coffee beans drier, another prestigious offer from the company has been the favorite of coffee Planters all over India, thanks to the latest in technological design and efficiency, the very stupendous success of SKF!

This is the only company in India manufacturing the entire range of water purifiers, has already captured a substantial segment of the market, thanks to the innovative designs and ideas, unprecedented in the sector, e.g. provision of plain, cold and hot mineral drinking water options, from a single dispenser thus catering to the whole gamut of whims and preferences of babies to very old people!
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