The Most Typical Dog Skin Conditions: What to Identify, Diagnose and Treats Them How

Our vets commonly deal with a variety of skin conditions and concerns in the form of external infections.

The largest organ on your dog is the skin. It is also an indicator of the dog's entire body and mental health in a precise way. The condition of skin is influenced by both the internal and external factors.

Dog skin conditions include a wide range of causes, from short-term, self-limiting issues to long-term, chronic conditions that need ongoing care. Complications in the diagnosis arise from the need to distinguish between those that are primary and secondary (caused by scratching).

Dog skin conditions can be divided into groups based on the reasons behind them.

autoimmune-mediated skin conditions
Skin diseases caused by the environment and physical factors
skin infections
Insect allergy dermatitis
Developing and hereditary skin conditions
Cutaneous signs of internal illnesses