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Thermalright Reveals Their New AXP-90 Low Profile Cooler

Thermalright Reveals Their New AXP-90 Low Profile Cooler

Submitted by • November 25, 2019

I think many would agree that while the AMD Ryzen platform is proving to be hugely popular with consumers, there are few ‘simple’ cooler designs currently on the market that are designed to work with the AM4 socket. By ‘simple’, I specifically mean the ‘pushpin’ designs often seen with the Intel stock coolers (and those emulated by entry-level manufacturers). Thermalright, however, is one of the few companies that really seem to be embracing the red side of the fence with this simple installation method.

In announcing their latest model, the AXP-90, AMD owners can have a fully copper, low-profile air cooler that should (all going well) given some nice solid cooling results. All, incidentally, without having to retro-fit or work around a primary Intel design. Something AMD owners will be more than familiar with.

Thermalright AXP-90
For the sake of clarity, Thermalright should not be confused with Thermaltake. Albeit their names are clearly similar. Thermalright is what you might polit

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