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Think Of Giving, Not As A Duty | Non Profit Organization In  Pakistan

Think Of Giving, Not As A Duty | Non Profit Organization In Pakistan

Submitted by • March 9, 2020

If a person wishes, he can overcome any difficult situation. A man who wants to be a football player, his childhood dream is to be a football player. He worked hard and made himself able to face stages, he did not care about the night or morning he just do practice to improve his game, And after working hard day and night, he mastered football, now he was desperate for someone to see their talent in the world.
When he got into the Matric class, his school had a selection of sports he was waiting for this time to join the team. He is a mix Pakistani and African. His mother belongs to Africa his face resembled that of his mother, Because of this, he faced many criticisms and racism but he did not allow these things to become a wall to his dream He was disappointed at times, but he did not lose hope when he performed his game at school, enough people were impressed with his game after that he selected for the interschool tournament.

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