Ultimate Guide on How to Add Social Media Icon in Blogger

In this digital dispensation it is often very difficult to come across a website or blog without social media handles icons. Popular website or blog often have at least four to five social media accounts connected to it.

Benefits of Having Social Media Handles Icon in Blogger
Getting visitors from search engine might sometimes seem difficult especially for newbies in the blogging sphere, By connecting your blog/website with your social medias account you can easily and cheaply drive massive traffic to your Blog Pages and as well social media platforms help to build and promote your brand.
With the help of social media you can easily build and promote your brand.
With social media-blog connection you can easily interact and receive feedback from your blog readers thereby increasing your blog popularity and building up the trust followers have in you.
Bloggers using Google Blogger/Blogspot platform might experience difficulties in adding social media icons to their Blog.

But for WordPress and other CMS users it's alot more easier.

Although most of the new Blogger templates already have social media icons installed, in case you are using an old Blogger theme then you might not have them.
Incase you're still using an old template and don’t know how to add social media icons in Blogger, then follow the simple and complete steps given in this tutorial.

Before we proceed into the full course of this tutorial, I would like to make this clear that you don't have to be an expert in coding or Blogger Webmaster guru before you can add social media icons to your Blogger Blog.

I have written this article in a simple and easy to understand format, with each steps clearly and pictorially stated and explained on how to add social media icons in Blogger.

I will be sharing all the information related to icons as well as social media icons and the HTML code for social media icons on Blogger in this tutorial. https://techbrainaic.blogspot.com/2022/04/add-social-media-icon-in-blog