Understand NavExM Community Membership

NavExM Community Membership is a program designed to reward the participant in the NavExM ecosystem. To become a community member, you must hold at least 500 NavC Tokens in the NavExM fund wallet.

NavC is the native utility token of the NavExM Crypto Exchange. The Tokens can be purchased on the NavExM exchange or on other exchanges where they are listed.

Levels of Membership on NavExM
All the people who hold at least 500 NavC become a part of the NavExM Community. However, there are two more levels of Stakers on the platform:

1. Standard Stakers

2. Premium Stakers

Standard Stakers must hold at least 5,000 NavC Tokens, while Premium Stakers must hold at least 50,000 NavC Tokens. The benefits of each level of membership will be discussed in the next section.

To be eligible for membership, you must meet these minimum holding requirements for each level.
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